Friday Feature - Vendor ACH Bank Accounts

More and more customers are setting up Escape Online to email ACHs to vendors. This feature is a great time saver and a more secure payment method than mailing checks. Win, win! Recently, I have been working on the training guide for AP Certification and I learned about a very cool feature concerning banking information for ACH setup for vendors. Check it out!


See how the Bank ID and Account Number have a warning symbol (yellow exclamation point)? That tells you that those fields are also defined in the vendor address.

Now, why would someone have different bank information in the address? Well, we have several customers that create "master" vendor records, like City of Roseville, and then use the address records as "children," like Sheriff Office, Electrical Supplier, etc.

The warning symbols are a great way to ensure that, at a glance, you understand the setup of ACH bank information. Amazing!