Friday Features - Salary Schedule Begin/End Dates

For the last few weeks, I have been talking about the Salary Rate and Budget Amount columns in the Salary Schedule, using them for what-if scenarios and comparison purposes. Now that we have locked down the desired changes for our salary schedules we are ready to implement. But, how do you change an amount for the future without changing the present or making yourself crazy changing every employee's pointer to a salary schedule?

The answer is begin/end dates! Check it out.


Notice how there are two NonRep12 salary schedules. Then, notice how the begin date of the first one is one day AFTER the end date of the second one. Finally, notice how these dates are in the future (Today is May 18, 2018 for those of you reading this Friday Feature in the future.) 

This is a thing of beauty! What this means is that you can keep the same salary schedule name, saving you from having to change it in any other record. It also means that you can make the transition from one set of figures (salary schedule cells) to another at midnight at some point in the future. 

In other words, set it up once and let it fly. Now that's a beginning and ending everyone can love.