Ride the Tide with the Requisitions, Payments and Vendor Management Session

Travel and Conference requisitions are such a great time saver and an organizational miracle. So, we are excited to say that this epic new feature is going to be part of the Requisitions, Payments, and Vendor Management General Session at Beyond Escape 2019.

But, that’s not all. In this session, you will ride the tide of knowledge, including vendor management, revolving cash management and department setup, sliding into the offshore wind of some truly exciting topics.

Travel and Conference Requisitions

These new requisitions need to be set up just so. You will want to make sure that you set them up so that you can use them every day, year after year. You will also want to see first-hand how you can enter multiple vendors and multiple employees in a single requisition, tying all of the payments back to the requisition. Payments are a breeze once you see how the Payment Transaction activity lets you pay by line item: changing vendors, changing employees, making the most of a single wave (I mean requisition).

Revolving Cash Management

So much money, so little time. Become an expert in managing those revolving cash accounts, amazing your treasurer with your pop-up and your drop-in, surfing your way to quick reconciliation. You’ll understand the vendor and deduction setup needed for replenishing and reconciling the revolving fund.

Department Setup

The Department record is the big Kahuna of finance processing. Don’t be a wannabe surfer. Ride the tide with the best of them. Learn how this crucial record can be used to get the most out of Escape Online, providing advanced and beginners with the tools they need to process their requisitions, invoices, journal entries, work orders, stores requisitions, you name it, quickly and intuitively.

Not Registered?

Remember, General Sessions are open to all, no sign up necessary, so if you want to go, you can go. And, you should go because this is going to be one cool session.