Happy Anniversary December Escapees

December is the time to remember. So, this December, we remember the anniversaries of Arin, Julie, Tom, Lora, Robyn and Bob Towery!

Arin Simonyan

Arin joined Team Escape in 2009, when she brought her formidable teaching skills to the support arena. Having taught economics at local community colleges, Arin has a head for numbers, so it is no surprise that she is the subject matter expert for budget and retirement. Recently, she also became the HR/Payroll Product Area Team Leader, helping guide team members with troubleshooting customer queries, allowing customers and team members the benefit of her easy-going teaching style. 

My favorite part about working with Arin is her creative approach – from user conference presentations to trainings to finding solutions to complex issues – she’s got a different perspective. Arin is to the HR/Pay team what baking powder is to baking, and speaking of baking – Arin’s divine pastries can impress even the best bakers in town! ~Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager

Julie Leaman

Julie came to Team Escape in 2006, soon after graduating from college. She quickly became a rising star, starting in HR/Payroll, moving to Finance and now managing the HRA Product Area Team. With Julie’s marketing background and organizational skills, the HRA PAT has more than doubled the number of HRAs being delivered to customers, making their workflows so much smoother with the forms, searches and approval procedures for their everyday human resource authorization needs.

Julie is the newest addition to the management team and I absolutely love the creativity and enthusiasm that she has brought to the team. She impresses me with her fresh ideas and outside-the-box thinking! ~Ramona Marshall, COO

Tom Henzie

Speaking of the HRA PAT, Tom is also a member. He joined Team Escape in 2008 with some serious experience in software development. Tom programs and implements the HRAs that Julie’s team designs with customers. Tom’s penchant for coding standards AND thoughtful execution has been key to the high customer approval rating for HRAs. His soft-spoken nature makes him the perfect go-between for Escapees and customers.

Tom is an incredibly valuable member of the HRA/Custom Product Area Team. He knows his way around HRAs like nobody’s business and is great working with customers. We are lucky to have him on our team! ~Julie Leaman, HRA Product Area Team Manager

Lora Sutherland

Lora came to Team Escape in 2012, directly from the Credentials staff at a County Office of Education. As you could have guessed, she is the subject matter expert for credentials on the HR/Payroll support team. When working on changes to the credential activities in Escape Online, Lora's experience brings insight to the design process. She is a great resource for customers, too! Case in point, Lora has resolved over 1,500 incidents (questions posed by customers) since she began. 

Lora is always patient, kind and willing to lend a helping hand in any situation. She is also very proactive in researching issues and changes that come up in her SME area. I used to reach out to Lora with questions when she worked at the COE and now her expert opinion is within arm’s reach (literally, Lora’s desk is only a few feet away from mine). ~Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager

Robyn Wagenknecht

Robyn is celebrating her second anniversary. Coming to Team Escape in 2014, Robyn brought a deep background in accounting and payroll implementations. Just like Lora, Robyn was the obvious choice for the subject matter expert for payroll taxes. She regularly blogs about how customers can best use the software and other resources for keeping on top of tax regulations. With a dry wit, Robyn achieves the near impossible, merging a positive energy with an analytical subject.

During the tax and W2 season, I’m extra grateful for Robyn’s expertise in payroll taxes.  Robyn has been proactively communicating tax rates and W2 related changes via emails and blog articles to customers. She brings humor to the group and loves to meet customers. Robyn is my go-to person not only for questions related to taxes but also for interesting and fun events to attend with kids around town. ~Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager          

Bob Towery

Bob founded Escape Technology in 1985. He has been our fearless leader ever since. His creative energy and passion for school business has been a well-spring for easy-to-use activities, improving the everyday (and the not so everyday) tasks required of district, COE and community college employees, making their work day a more pleasant experience. Bob’s eye for style brings an elegant flow to the office (you should stop by!) and, of course, the software.

From the day I started at Escape in 2007, Bob has been my mentor and trusted adviser. He’s always allowed me to do things my way but helped guide me when I’ve needed it. I admire Bob’s vision for the company and his passion for our customers. ~Ramona Marshall, COO