Happy Anniversary December Escapees

December is a time of celebration. Please join us in celebrating the anniversaries of Arin, Julie, Tom, Lora, and Robyn!

Arin Simonyan

Arin celebrates 8 years with Team Escape. In that time, she has worked both sides of the aisle -- in HR/Payroll and Finance -- becoming the subject matter expert for budget and retirement. Now, she has risen to a leadership role as the Finance Product Area Manager. 

This year, Arin assumed responsibility for the Finance PAT and is the most recent addition to the management team. Her optimism and can-do attitude are infectious to those around her. I appreciate her willingness to always do whatever is needed for the team or our customers.  ~Ramona Marshall, President

Julie Yontrarak

Julie heads the HRA Product Area Team with a creative and friendly spirit. With more projects than you can shake a stick at, Julie manages the expectations of customers and team members with a steady hand, never losing sight of goals or her sense of humor.

Julie is full of great ideas and does a great job working with both our customers and our internal team. She’s creative and great at following through her with ideas. ~Ramona Marshall, President

Tom Henzie

Tom is our resident surfer. A Southern Californian in his youth, his easy manner has been a great benefit to Team Escape and our customers. Coupled with his extensive experience, there is never a worry when you are working with Tom on a Human Resource Authorization (HRA).

Tom is wonderful to work with! He is kind, patient and very knowledgeable. He’s an integral part of the HRA/Custom Team and Team Escape! ~Julie Leaman, HRA Product Area Team Manager

Lora Sutherland

Lora celebrates her milestone 5-year anniversary. With her COE background, Lora brings the been-there-done-that experience to customers, giving them the comfort of knowing that they are in the hands of an expert that understands their business with first-hand knowledge. 

I first met Lora about 10 years ago when she was the credentials analyst at PCOE and I was instantly amazed by her knowledge and expertise of CTC regulations.  Time sure flies, and I’m glad she is now part of our team and still helping customers get past their credentials hurdles with the respect and patience that our customers deserve.  Looking forward to another great year with Lora on my team! ~Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager

Robyn Wagenknecht

Three is a lucky number and we are lucky to have Robyn with us for her third year. Robyn's deep background in accounting and payroll implementations has been a boon to customers.  Her expertise gives customers a leg up when walking them through a task or issue.

Robyn loves working with customers and doesn’t mind taking on challenging tasks.  I have extra appreciation for Robyn’s knowledge and skills during the holiday season - as our in-house Tax SME, she researches payroll tax related changes and communicates to the team and customers.  Congrats Robyn – glad you are part of the team! ~Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager          

Congratulations December anniversaries!