Happy Anniversary February Escapees

February brings three more anniversaries for us to celebrate!

Amanda Erwin

Amanda is celebrating her first anniversary at Escape! With previous data analysis experience, a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and the can-do attitude of an Air Force reservist, Amanda was flying the finance banner almost immediately. In fact, you may have met her at last year's Beyond Escape User Conference where she and Terri rocked the Budget Basics and Report Basics sessions. As the Stores subject matter expert, Amanda shows that she can get up to speed quickly. 

Amanda brings great energy and ideas to Escape. She’s learned the software and school business quickly and continues to learn and grow. Amanda is always willing to jump in wherever help is needed. Need a hug? Amanda’s there. Need someone to present workshops or help with an implementation? Amanda will do it.  I look forward to working with her for many more years. ~ Jacque Eischens, Manager Finance PAT

Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca is also celebrating her first anniversary with Escape! With over twenty years of experience in school business - including working with student information, training, software support, and, of course, project management and implementation - Rebecca adds to our deep bench of school business players. Rebecca is currently using her knowledge of Escape Online and school business to bring Castro Valley USD into the Escape Family.

It is hard to believe it has already been a year since Rebecca joined Escape. She has become an invaluable member on our Implementations working with Kathy and Carole on getting new customers live both up and down the state. I’m glad to have Rebecca on my team! ~ Randy Ballard, Release Manager

Dayna Kelsey

Dayna heads our HR and Accounting team. She has been with us full-time for 11 years, but began working with Escape many years before that as a consultant. Everyone knew she was a perfect fit. Dayna does it all. She manages employee pay and customer invoicing; she works with the executive team on employee policies; and she coordinates with auditors and other contract vendors. She is also the photographer behind the magnificent Team Escape portraits.

Dayna is absolutely amazing! She sets the bar high for the rest of us by juggling so many responsibilities and tight deadlines while staying incredibly upbeat and responsive to employees and customers. ~ Ramona Marshall, COO