Happy Anniversary January Escapees

The month of January finds us with a mix of new employee anniversaries and long-term employee anniversaries. 

Roxane Bunkers

Roxane is celebrating her first anniversary with Escape! As a Finance Support Analyst, Roxane brings to the team over fifteen years of experience in the implementation and support of complex software applications in both the public and private sectors, with an emphasis in Financial and HR systems. She is diligent, having resolved over 480 incidents (questions/requests from customers) in less than a year.

Roxane is my incident ninja. Quiet and stealthy, she knocks out incident after incident. Roxane is eager to learn all she can about Escape Online 5 and school business. She reads through incidents done by other support analysts in order to improve her knowledge and skills. Roxane often helps keep our team running smoothly by taking on additional incidents and duties when other analysts are out or working on other projects. I’m looking forward to watching Roxane grow even more over the next year. ~ Jacque Eischens, Finance PAT Manager

Brian Stokes

Brian is also celebrating his first anniversary with Escape! While Brian started with us in HR/Payroll, he has accepted the adventure of becoming the HRA/Custom Product Area Team's first support analyst. With almost 20 COEs and districts using our Human Resource Authorizations, Brian is kept busy creating the support and documentation that our customers need.

Brian is a valuable member of the HRA/Custom PAT. He’s willing to test uncharted waters and offer assistance to anyone or any project where there is a need. It’s a pleasure having Brian as part of the team with his positive, can-do attitude. ~ Julie Leaman, HRA/Custom PAT Manager

Greg Petlowany

Greg joined Team Escape in 2014, coming to us with years of experience in software performance engineering. While Greg wears many hats, including being one of the masterminds behind the new and improved installer for Escape Online, his main focus is on improving the performance of Escape Online. With Greg's skills, we are better able to discover and adjust processes, making them faster and more efficient, improving the daily lives of our customers. 

Congratulations to Greg Petlowany!  We appreciate all of your installer improvements and performance testing.  Thanks for all you do for Team Escape!  ~ Stephanie Fury, Technical Support Manager

Ginny Gregory

Ginny began as an HR/Payroll Support Analyst in 2013, but since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, Ginny has handily assumed the position of ACA subject matter expert. Ginny works with customers and Escapees alike and is one of the reasons why our customers were so successful with their ACA reporting in 2016. Recently, Ginny has moved into a new role as a Software Developer, where she brings that same positive, smart attitude.

It’s a well-kept secret that Ginny is the only employee on my team who works remotely.  When she moved to Colorado I panicked as I imagined angry customers knocking on our doors demanding she move back to California.  Luckily my fears didn’t materialize and, instead, Ginny managed to provide top-notch support to customers remotely, and stayed connected to the team by providing constant and honest feedback, assistance, and guidance on ACA issues, and even started working on development of reports. My fears have subsided a bit, but I still miss her, especially her stories - Ginny is an exceptional storyteller and if I could persuade her to write a book, it would definitely be worthy of the Edgar award (yep, that good!). ~ Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll PAT Manager

John Rhoadarmer

John is celebrating his lucky 7 anniversary, but John isn't the only lucky one. Escapees and customers have come to rely on John as a master Data Technician. John is the magic behind customer data imports into Escape Online. Whether it is a new implementation or new feature (importing fixed assets), John helps customers get up and running quickly. John is also the videographer of Escape, creating the fun videos (like the remodel) that we all love.

Time flies when you are having fun!!  It seems like just yesterday that John Rhoadarmer started with Escape. From technical support and data conversion to videos and photography, John can do it all!  Thanks for all you do John and for making us laugh every day.  ~ Stephanie Fury, Technical Support Manager

Jennifer Escamilla

Jennifer (also known as JenE) joined Escape in 2001 as one of our Escape-Classic Customer Service Representatives for HR/Payroll. Since then, her expertise and quick thinking have taken her through managing Escape Customer Care to becoming the Escape Product Manager. Most recently, JenE is researching and writing the specifications for the changes associated with the Employee Online Portal and our VAR partners.

Although JenE has worked in various departments over the past 16 years at Escape and always did a great job no matter what she was doing, I think she finally found her home as a Product Manager!  She’s done an amazing job researching complex functionality like ACA and Office Depot interface while working with customers to get their input and simultaneously working with developers to get the functionality developed.  ~ Ramona Marshall, COO

Bill Marion

Bill joined Escape two weeks after JenE in 2001. Bill is our System Architect. His creativity, blended with the vision of Bob and the knowledge of customer needs from Chad and other developers, has allowed Bill to craft the structure that supports the number one school business software in the State of California.

Bill and I go back to work we did together back in the 80’s. Bill possesses an ability to look out to future technology and keep Escape moving forward with the ever changing demands of new technology. Thank you Bill for your constant commitment to Escape and our customers! ~ Chad Guest, Vice President, Research and Development