Happy Anniversary July Escapees

July has been a popular month for hiring at Escape. We have five employees celebrating anniversaries this month.

Ken Custard

Ken is one of the original Escapees, joining the team in 1993. Before that, he was the third employee of a software/hardware company that eventually reached $50+ million in sales. So, not only does Ken have a way of picking winners, he is a winner. Ken and Chad are the original architects of Escape's highly regarded position control functionality. More recently, Ken is the main developer behind the password complexity function and the HRA services, both lauded by customers. 

During my first week at Escape, I watched Ken demo some Escape Online 5 functionality and I was taken by his patience, knowledge, and wisdom – it’s true when they say first impressions are the most lasting. Ken is the man behind all the magic of HR/Pay software: fancy look ups, smart data entry fields, complex processes that seamlessly run in the background, and so much more. My favorite part of working with Ken…when the team is faced with a challenging problem, he quietly sits in his chair, with a modest smile and a twinkle in his eyes – the only thing giving away that he already has it all figured out. He radiates a feeling of safety and tranquility and that everything will work out just fine. ~Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager

Jennifer (JR) Kenney

Jennifer (aka JR) started with Escape in the summer of 2007. Almost immediately, it was apparent that she should work with Chad and be a player in the interface and HR/Payroll procedures arena. With dozens of projects behind the scenes, JR came to the attention of customers as she trailblazed the ACA rollout. Internally, JR is a great resource for customer support (and all employees) as a SQL script guru.

JR is one of those rare developers who can dig into unfamiliar code, find problems, make quick fixes and move on to the next task. She is the kind of person you want to be around and sit next to – fun, easy going, maturely direct (my style) and contagiously enthusiastic about her work. When you need an answer quick and you’ve exhausted all your resources and you feel like the walls are closing in on you, call JR, she will be on the other line, calmly sipping her tea, helping your problems disappear. ~Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager

Vijay Gaonkar

With two years under his belt, Vijay has become an across-the-board team player. Starting with Escape in 2014, Vijay has been a part of the development of the Employee Online Portal, Online Shopping functionality, a little bit of HR/Payroll, a little bit of Finance, a little bit of custom work and a little bit of reports. In 2016, he has become an important member of the Finance team, with the goal of ushering in extended columns (customer-defined fields) to Vendor records.

Vijay has an incredibly contagious smile and I can count on him to help keep the team’s spirits up even during crunch times. I appreciated Vijay’s willingness to ask questions and do whatever needs to be done – from programming and testing Office Depot changes to leading bug bashes and planning team building activities. I’m looking forward to working with Vijay for years to come! ~Jacque Eischens, Finance Product Area Team Manager

Elen Meltonyan

Elen's career has beat a direct path to her management of the HR/Payroll Product Area Team. Joining Team Escape in 2007 with a Business Administration and HR Management degree, extensive background with the public sector, and management experience of accounting and HR/Payroll, Elen hit the ground running as an HR/Payroll support rep. Her focus from Day 1 has been to provide top-notch HR/Payroll customer care and she’s now including the rest of the Product Area Team in her efforts.

Elen is a great recent addition to the management team at Escape. She has been leading the HR/Payroll PAT for a little over 6 months now and doing a great job. She’s getting up to speed quickly on management training while still juggling quite a bit of direct customer support, as well as training many new team members. Elen is very dedicated to the company and our customers. ~Ramona Marshall, COO

Leslie Bailey

Leslie joined Team Escape hoping to research and write every day and for 16 years, that is exactly what she has done. Since February 2009, a week hasn't gone by without Leslie producing her most ambitious project: The Friday Feature. Leslie sees the Friday Feature as an opportunity to do what she loves: satisfy her curiosity, champion her favorite software and, of course, write.

I appreciate Leslie’s commitment to the company and our customers. No matter how much work she has on her plate, she is always willing to help out and never misses her deadlines! We receive a lot of positive feedback from customers on how much they appreciate Leslie’s Friday Features and our incredible user documentation. She sets the bar high for the rest of us! ~Ramona Marshall, COO