Happy Anniversary June Escapees

We have several employee anniversaries for the month of June. This month includes Chad, Jennifer Stahr, Philip, Tanya, and Marc, who is celebrating his first anniversary.

Chad Guest

Chad is one of the founders of Escape. He is celebrating his 29th anniversary! Chad is the Escape software encyclopedia. He can tell you how a task worked in Classic, Online 4, and several versions of Escape Online 5. He is an excellent resource and mentor to the developers and a friend to all employees and customers.

It’s obvious Chad still loves working at Escape, even after 29 years! He’s friendly, approachable and makes even the newest employees feel at home. His down-to-earth demeanor helps sets the tone for our amazing company culture.
~ Ramona Marshall, COO

Jennifer Stahr

Jennifer (aka Jen*) celebrates a milestone anniversary this year. After 9 years, she now gets 4 weeks of vacation! Jen* also holds an encyclopedic knowledge of Escape software. If you have a question about addons or how pay is computed, Jen* can and does give you the complete answer. 

I can’t believe another year have passed by with Jen* by my side testing away.  I guess times flies when you’re having fun.  Thank you Jen for another great year of overcoming complex test cases with first-class Online5 expertise.  Your dedication, humor and passion make you an inspiration for the rest of the team.  Happy Anniversary! 
~ Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager

Philip Wong

Philip also will be going on vacation more often! (He and Jen* began within days of each other.) Philip is an all-around good employee and good guy. During his tenure at Escape, he has worked on a wide variety of projects, everything from budgeting to stores inventory to 1099 processing. 

Philip often helps save the day with his flexibility and team spirit. He switches gears from development to testing without batting an eye. Philip helps us provide an excellent customer experience through his work on every aspect of the software from business logic to user interface to reports. Thank you, Philip, for your dedication to our customer, our team, and our company. 
~ Jacque Eischens, Finance Product Area Team Manager

Tanya Karalets

Tanya is an old hand now, with two years under her belt. She embraces every project that comes her way. She presented at last year's conference, performed the one and only webinar that was not hosted by Terri and helps everyone with everything, from incidents, specifications to Employee Online portal.

This past year Tanya made a difference not only for the support team, but she also helped out our project managers with implementations.  She happily took on many challenging tasks and tirelessly worked thru them. Looking back at the year, we couldn’t have done it without Tanya and her contagious smile.  So glad you are part of the team! 
~ Elen Meltonyan, HR/Payroll Product Area Team Manager

Marc Labelle

Marc celebrates his first anniversary with Escape. While he came to us as a Software Support Analyst, he quickly moved into the testing arena. Dedicated full-time now to testing, Marc is bringing his previous work experience to bear in the form of automated testing and standardized scripts.

Marc has become a valuable member of the Finance PAT over the last year. He really loves testing and it’s so fun to watch his eyes light up when presented with a challenge. Marc’s really in his element helping create some automated regression testing. If you get him started talking about it, his passion is quickly obvious. I’m glad to have Marc on the team and look forward to getting to know him even more in the years to come.
~ Jacque Eischens, Finance Product Area Team Manager