Happy Anniversary October Escapees

Both Kathy and Terri have birthdays and anniversaries in October. So happy birthday and happy anniversary Kathy and Terri!

Kathy Carlson

Kathy has been on Team Escape for 14 years. In 2002, she came to us from Shasta Union High where she worked for five years, including the implementation of Escape Classic. While Kathy spends most of her time guiding customers through implementations, she is also the go-to-Escapee for demos because of her understanding of district procedures and her in-depth knowledge of Escape Online, which allow her to answer almost any question that comes her way! 

Kathy is our road warrior and midnight owl! For the 9 years I’ve been at Escape, she’s been on the road converting districts and COEs to Escape Online 5 and regularly sending emails in the middle of the night. Her work ethic and dedication to our customers shines through in all that she does.  ~Ramona Marshall, COO

Terri Hammond

Terri is one of the original Escapees. She knows Escape Classic. She knows Escape Online. She knows Employee Online. She knows school business. And, she knows comedy! Joining Team Escape in 1998, with 12 years of district experience, Terri will give you the lowdown on how to perform any task in Escape Online. And, Terri makes learning easy. With a laugh and a guffaw, she tell you the fastest way (quick starts, favorites, quick keys, quick links, whatever!) to perform that task.

Whether she’s training or just working in the office, Terri’s enthusiasm is contagious! I love her upbeat attitude and willingness to help out where needed. We can always count on her to assist any team member or customer with a smile on her face! ~Ramona Marshall, COO

Join me in wishing Terri and Kathy a happy anniversary!