Happy Anniversary, Patrick

Patrick is our only May anniversary. Happy anniversary, Patrick!

Patrick Kinsella

This month, we celebrate Patrick's fourth anniversary with Escape, two of those with the HRA Product Area Team. What a fantastic addition to the HRA team and, of course, Team Escape! Patrick has been awarded Employee of the Quarter by his fellow Escapees for his helpful and positive attitude. His work at our Beyond Escape User Conference has also won him accolades from our customers. 

Patrick is an all-around great employee, he did win Escape’s very first Employee of the Quarter so that right there says a lot! He’s always ready to dive in whether it’s creating videos for the Beyond Escape User Conference, developing new HRA base items or mentoring a new developer. Happy Anniversary Patrick – we are lucky to have you on our team! ~Julie Yontrarak, HRA Product Area Team Manager

Join me in wishing Patrick a happy anniversary.