Happy Anniversary September Escapees

Carole is the person that introduced Ramona to Escape (they belonged to the same scrapbook group), so it is fitting that they both celebrate anniversaries this month. 

Ramona Marshall

Ramona began her career with Escape by helping us implement Project Office. It was immediately apparent that she was a great fit. So in the late summer of 2007, it became official and Ramona brought organization and structure to the daily operations of Escape. Her name has even become a verb for getting it done: You "ramona-ed" it!

Ramona is Escape’s Superwoman and Batgirl. Hey, she’s her own dynamic duo! And all of us here at Team Escape and our Escape Customer Family are so fortunate to have her. These nine years have been something of a whirlwind with all her contributions, each year getting better and better. Knowing her as I do, she might remark, “I’m just getting started!”  ~Bob Towery, CEO
Ramona is a special person that provides organization, drive, and enthusiasm that everyone feeds off of here at Escape. We are lucky to have her on our team. Thank you Ramona for all that you do! ~Chad Guest, VP Research & Development

Carole Williams

Carole was one of our first employees. She came to Escape in 1994 with years of experience in school business, working at two different Sacramento area school districts as a Fiscal Services Director and Budget Analyst. Then, she piled on more experience with dozens of implementations. Carole KNOWS school business: she can answer almost any question you have about school business or Escape Online. 

Wow, 22 years at Escape! It’s so rare these days to have employees spend so many years at a single company and provide so much value the entire time! I’m in awe of Carole’s deep understanding of school business and her commitment to our company and customers. I appreciate Carole’s dedication and hard work.  ~Ramona Marshall, COO