Happy Anniversary September Escapees, Part 2

In putting together the Escapee anniversaries for September, I missed an essential employee, Stephanie Fury. 

Stephanie Fury

Stephanie manages the Escape Technical Support team, also known as ETS. Stephanie has put her technical and support background into the heart of the ETS team. As the former Manager of Escape Customer Care, Stephanie has brought that "customer care" attitude to the technical team, creating a happy and helpful group that is known in the industry for their technical prowess.

Stephanie and I joined the organization only a week apart and she’s always been one of my ‘go to’ gals. During her nine years at Escape, she’s worked in testing, customer support and now is in technical support. She’s great at jumping in and helping out where needed and always gets great feedback from our customers.  ~Ramona Marshall, COO

Happy ninth anniversary, Stephanie!