Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Boston

The week of September 18th Ramona, Jen E, Elen and I attended the Business of Software Conference in Boston. Our time there was a whirlwind of learning and fun (and lots of walking when we weren’t in sessions). We had some hardy laughs, and tons of new information crammed into our brains throughout our visit.

There were many remarkable speakers at the conference but the one that resonated with me the most was Jason Cohen, Founder/CTO of WPEngine in his Healthy, Wealthy & Wise talk. One key topic Jason focused on was making tough emotional decisions in the workplace. He had three main points:

  • Swift – Delay doesn’t help: it hurts.
  • Decisive – Indecision is no one’s friend.
  • Kind – Be kind to the person, to others and to yourself.
BoS 2017.png

Another intriguing idea Jason covered was that employees are happy and most productive when Joy, Skill and Need combine. He also covered being a good leader of your team:

  • Be a shepherd running your team, not an emperor.
  • Let your team do it themselves while you set your ego aside.
  • Pronouns matter. We did it, not I did it.

All the topics he covered really hit home with me because Escape Technology is so team oriented. With all this newfound knowledge from the Business of Software conference, I aspire to be a better leader and teammate.