Introducing our New Director, Customer Care

Carole Williams really doesn’t need an introduction. Carole joined Team Escape 24 years ago after spending 10 years working in finance at local school districts. Since joining Escape she has spent most of her time working directly with customers, either supporting them or helping them implement Escape Classic or Online 5. We are happy to announce that Carole will be taking on the role of Director of Customer Care. In her new capacity Carole will be responsible for managing Customer Support, Implementations, Documentation & Social Media and Training. Her knowledge of school business, our software and how our customers operate make her a perfect fit for this role.


I’m very excited about Carole’s new role and that she’ll be overseeing the teams working directly with customers. Having more time in the office to share her extensive knowledge of school business and Online 5 will greatly benefit both our newest team members and customers.