It's Not Too Early to Prepare for W2 Processing!


As the Thanksgiving festivities are behind us, and holiday lights go up around the neighborhood, we are again reminded that the 2017 calendar year is coming to an end, and W2 season is upon us. Early planning and preparation is not just for holiday gift shopping, but can smooth W2 processing as well. There are many resources available to make the process easier:

  • There are payroll reports (Pay26 and Pay31) to help identify W2 errors.
  • The How To in the Tools section of the W2 activity.
  • The W2 webinar - Terri's recorded webinar can be accessed through Online Resources. 
  • A test W2 file can be generated and uploaded into AccuWage. (The Social Security Administration recommends using the AccuWage Online application to test your wage files for compatibility with EFW2 specifications before submitting to the SSA. Remember that the SSA no longer supports the AccuWage Downloadable due to compatibility issues.)

The resources listed above and a little bit of preparation can go a long way to help ensure a smooth beginning to the calendar year. 

Rest assured, I am on the lookout for the 2018 tax tables. As soon as they are available, Escape Customer Care will update them in the software and release to all of our customers.