Keep Your Budget Sharp

Kathy Carlson, Escape Project Manager, and Arin Simonyan, Budget Subject Matter Expert, reprise last year's Beyond Escape User Conference budget presentation with an updated emphasis on the more powerful features of position control budgeting. Almost 3 dozen participants have already signed up for this year's performance. 

Kathy and Arin at Beyond Escape 2015 Powered Up Budgeting

Kathy and Arin at Beyond Escape 2015 Powered Up Budgeting

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Here are a few of the comments from last year's session.

Awesome job!  - Jane Youngman – Corning Union HS
Can’t tell you how anxious I am to start using this! – Lori Bombke – Del Norte COE
I learned quite a few new things to try out! – Laneia Grindle – Fairfield USD
This was a great and informative workshop.  Presenters were great! – Desiree Wick – Ventura COE
I’m a pretty advanced budget model user and I came away with new knowledge on features I can now utilize to be more effective. – Maureen Fitzgerald – St. HOPE Public Schools
Kick ass! – Keith Strohmaier - Santa Barbara CEO

In this year's session, Kathy and Arin will sharpen your advanced budget skills, focusing on position control budgeting, automatic salary updates, importing spreadsheets, mass changes, scaling budget values, using vacancy setup and defining successful site and department budgeting permissions.