Let's Talk About Seniority

The best resource for you is other people who do your same job! That’s why we are having Round Table Discussions at this year’s Beyond Escape User Conference. Round Tables give you the chance to pick the brains of the people who know your job best AND the people who know Escape Online the best.

umbrella beach chairs carole looking afar seniority.png

On the HR/Payroll day, we are holding a Round Table Discussion about Seniority. It will be like sitting at the seashore, sipping wine and chatting with friends. Your favorite beach buddy - Carole Williams, Director of Customer Service at Escape - will lead the discussion. Carole is well versed in all elements of seniority. She has over 10 years of direct school business experience from two districts, and she has been the Project Manager on dozens of Escape implementations across the state.

If you want to know more about this versatile feature, you will want to go to this discussion! You will get to hear and share real-life scenarios on all of the different seniority methods (single, academic, hours, FTE). How do they work? Carole will moderate in-depth discussions about affecting seniority through assignments and addons.

Carole will also spend some time going over the various calculations, so you fully understand how each choice works.