Making New Friends at Sutter CSS

Sometimes meeting new people can be a scary thing but my new friends at Sutter County Superintendent of Schools made me feel at home!


Jane Youngman, Project Manager for Escape Technology, invited me to go there to show the implementation core team how the budget process works in Escape Online 5. What a treat it was! Catherine Hawes, Payroll Coordinator for Sutter COE was the perfect host.

Since they are just getting started with their implementation, we used the Escape Training database. That didn’t stop Thomas Petueli, Budget Manager from Yuba City Unified School District, from wanting to get his hands in the software.


I’m really looking forward to spending more time with my new friends!

Speaking of making friends, are you registered for the Beyond Escape User Conference? That’s the BEST place to meet other users and make a new friend!

See you there!