Modoc COE Celebrates 10 Years with Escape

Ten years ago, Modoc COE joined the Escape Family as one of the founding customers of Project XCOE. Together with Tehama CDE and Trinity COE, Modoc broke new ground saving time and money with a cloud-based school business software package.


Modoc COE has remained on the cutting edge of customer collaboration. They attended our first Escape Online user conference (held at Escape headquarters in 2011) with Carol Silveria, then CBO - since retired, providing important feedback on the Account Object Summary - Balance (Fiscal01) report.

Modoc COE also participated in a customer-led credentialing video conference in 2011, where several Escape users provided two hours of their time to help us better understand their credentialing needs. More recently, Modoc was crucial in the effort of all school businesses to meet the deadline of ACA reporting, supplying timely information for all Escape customers to share.

It has been a pleasure working with Modoc COE on a broad spectrum of issues. Thanks for being a great customer and happy anniversary!