More Flexibility in Department Setup

During the past year, Escape has worked with a few customers who needed assistance to better control their purchasing processes. As a result, in our 17.04 release, we added more fields to the Department setup record that will give requisitioners more guidance when making their selections while creating vendor requisitions in Escape Online 5.

Let's check this out. If you want to use only vendors that have a category “IT Equipment” in your Technology Equipment department, you can take  advantage of the new Allowed Vendor Categories, Allow Vendors with No Category and Default Vendor Category fields.

Using the setup below, when a user creates a new vendor requisition in for the Technology Equipment department, the Vendor Category field will automatically default AND only vendors with the category specified will be available for selection. In addition, if the Technology Equipment Department wants to make sure that the required documents are attached (for example, vendor quotes), you can use the Number of Attachments Required field. This means that requisitioners will not be able to save their requisition without attaching a number of required documents.


The new fields for Default and Allowed Account Distribution Options allow you to assist users with the selection of an account distribution method. You can select the preferred method for cost tracking for each department. Finally, the Allowed or Default Goods and Services Categories field lets you define an even better workflow process. 

We hope that these new features will help you streamline your purchasing processes! We look forward to learning more about how your district will be using these tools.