National Crossword Puzzle Day

Our core values at Escape Technology are Education, Solutions, Caring, Adaptable, Passionate, Expertise. You may have noticed that Education is the first one! We educate ourselves so we are able to give our customers the BEST support and software we can. 

Did you know that the first crossword puzzle was printed in the New York World newspaper, December 21, 1913? It's true! Some believe that doing a crossword puzzle is good exercise for the brain. In more recent times, studies have shown that this educational exercise may stave off Alzheimer's. In fact, you could say that doing a crossword puzzle every day is good medicine, too, which fits with our value of caring about our employees, customers and their families.

So, in celebration of National Crossword Puzzle day and your health and your education, we thought it would be fun to test your knowledge of Escape. 

Click puzzle to see answer key.

Click puzzle to see answer key.


1. The name of the department instead of HR
4. What we post on Friday
5. Acronym for automated authorizations
8. Used to route approvals in the system
9. The latest version of Escape Online 5
10. The name of our COO
12. The document used to purchase items
13. How a district is referrenced


2. ACA, ______ Care Act
3. The Employee share of payroll expenses
6. How employees can manage their HR/Payroll info online
7. The logic Escape uses
11. How many different ways are there to enter payroll

Go ahead and take a stab at it.  We’d love to hear from you too.  Have fun and enjoy your day.