New in 17.01 - Web-based Documentation

In our upcoming 17.01 release of Escape Online, we will be delivering documentation in a new format. We are so excited to announce that now Escape Online documentation will be delivered via a web-based format.

This biggest benefit of this new format is searchability! You will be able search across the entire spectrum of documentation. For example, do you want to see all of the reports that work with the Employee Online Portal? Easy! All you have to do is enter Employee Online Portal in the Search field and your results will be displayed. Here's a sneak peek!

The new documentation will be delivered in release 17.01.

The new documentation will be delivered in release 17.01.

Another great advantage is that the documentation will be displayed in your default browser. That means it will be displayed faster and across all types of connections, whether you use Citrix or VPN or any other means. The documentation and tutorials will be quick and easy to access.

We are very excited about this project and all of the advantages that it will bring to our customers!