New Year Resolutions at January 2019 Collaboration Day

If you don’t already have a New Year resolution, we’ve got one for you in our back pocket – start this new year de-cluttering! 

If you are running out of room on your shelves for printed copies of reports you’ve run since you moved into your new office – then January’s Collaboration Day is for you.  If you wish there were a magic Swiffer to sweep away outdated Escape Online 5 records to a place where they could continue to accumulate virtual, digital dust – then this Collaboration Day is for you.  Or, maybe you have a checklist that keeps you from lapsing into the world of clutter and you are willing to share it… well, you get the point – the January 18, 2019 Collaboration Day is for you. We will not only provide breakfast, lunch and snacks, but we will also provide the cleaning supplies and tools you will need to kick start your de-cluttering project. 

Picture Above: January 2018 Collaboration Day participants.

Picture Above: January 2018 Collaboration Day participants.

Since March 2017, over 100 participants have taken advantage of our Collaboration Days to share best practices and ideas, learn from each other, network, and collaborate on important topics.    

Are you an expert in a specific area?  Do you have a practice, a process, or an experience that you are willing to share?  Do you have ideas worth of spreading, feedback worth giving, or knowledge worth sharing?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then contribute to the Escape family by signing up to present a topic during January 2019 Collaboration Day! 

Presenting is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • Survey: Use the registration survey included in your Collaboration Day invitation to sign up for a topic to present.

  • Presentation Content: Team Escape will contact you after your registration and will work with you to create PowerPoint slides for your presentation.

  • Presentation Speech: Gain instant popularity amongst your fellow professionals and possibly your boss (bring along your boss to qualify for this offer) .

Your process to present is very easy. I have never felt pressure from Escape to do so and since this day is very casual, I’ve always felt comfortable to do so.
- Elsa from Alameda COE

 Thank you Team Alameda COE for being a veteran attendee of Collaboration Days and for going out of your way (all the way to Roseville!) to spread your knowledge!