Northern California Road Trip

Recently, Jennifer Escamilla, Escape Product Manager, and I hit the open road and headed north to visit some existing customers and attend a few CASBO events. Our first stop was at the Shasta Cascade Section CASBO Professional Collaboration Workshop. The event was hosted by the Humboldt County Office of Education in Eureka. The newly-built Sequoia conference center is beautiful and has state of the art technology! All vendors were in the same room as the presentations, which was nice so we could listen and learn. Matt Phillips, Director, Management Consulting Services at School Services, presented on the current California school budget scenario. He also spent a few minutes talking about the late Ron Bennett, and the legacy he left behind in school business.


We had a busy day demonstrating software and answering questions for interested attendees. We always love the opportunity to meet with end users and hear what features are most important to them. We wrapped things up in Eureka and hit the road again, heading to the Trinity County Office of Education in Weaverville for a meeting the next day. We'll be sharing more details about the rest of the trip in coming blogs.