Overview Training Begins at Oakland USD

Things are starting to pick up with the Oakland USD project!

Kathy Carlson, Escape Implementation Project Manager, has been onsite two days a week since November at Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) busily working with the team reviewing 3rd party systems and discussing the need for interfaces. While OUSD are still finalizing the specifications for the interfaces, the team is now moving onto Overview Training. 

The purpose of the Overview Training is to provide the OUSD staff an understanding of how the Escape Online 5 system uses cascading logic throughout the different modules and functionality. It also provides a high-level understanding of what system setup is required in order to start data migration.

The Oakland USD team at the Overview Training.

The Oakland USD team at the Overview Training.

The team will begin with the HR/Payroll Overview Training this week and then transition to the Finance Overview Training later in the month. Kathy is truly enjoying working with Gil Echeverria, Deputy Chief, Business and Operations Team at Oakland USD, and his team, as well as Doug D’Amour, Director, Financial Support Services, and his team from the Alameda County Office of Education. She also wants to give a shout out to Yuka Daniel, Director, Continuous Improvement and Project Management Team Business and Operations, for her invaluable assistance.