Pasadena City College Celebrates 25 Years with Escape

Pasadena City College was one of the first community colleges to implement Escape Classic and Escape Online. As one of Top 10 Community Colleges in the nation, Pasadena's staff is committed to moving forward and embracing new technologies. 


Case in point, they went live on Escape Online with 256 users in the summer of 2007. (This was the first year that ANY users went live on Escape Online.) They held 5 spring training courses and then they were off and running, entering more than 300 requisitions in their first few months!

Some of the features that we take for granted came directly from the great minds and users at PCC, like having a simpler requisition look for Admin users and using the slash/slash for creating two-line vendor addresses.

It is amazing to have such a bold and successful partner. Thank you PCC for being a fantastic customer. Happy anniversary!