Position Control Webinar Follow-up

What an amazing experience to guest host for Terri for the Position Control webinar. We had a fantastic turnout of 202 users in attendance. We covered a lot of material and it was a great refresher of what will need to be reviewed before we enter fiscal year 2019. We talked about creating accounts and their components; we reviewed payroll setup by opening up pay schedules and pay cycles, calendars, bargaining units, salary schedules, addons, and benefit providers.

My favorite part of last week's Position Control webinar, was getting hands-on with accounts. I worked with the components and created the new accounts. The software feature for expiring accounts is super easy. In addition, I love how Escape Online makes creating the associated accounts so quick. It is a real time saver.

associated accounts.png

Don’t forget that the Position Control webinar is just the first part of our series on preparing for the new fiscal year. It is strongly recommended that Position Control be reviewed before attending the Original Budget webinar on April 12th. Terri will be leading it, and it will be a blast, as always.

If you missed the Position Control webinar or want to check out the Q&A from the webinar’s chat box, head over to the Online Resources – Webinar Information activity in the software.