Put more Pop in your HR

The Put more Pop in your HR session at Beyond Escape 2016 is going to be electric. Carole Williams, Escape Project Manager; Terri Hammond, Escape System Trainer; and Rebecca Jacobs, Escape Implementation Analyst are going to dance you through the full functionality of HR.

Always fun, always entertaining, this trio is going to bring down the house with a mix of tips and tricks on your most important HR records.

  • Seniority Setup
  • Mass Adding Evaluations
  • Education Records for Mandatory Tracking
  • Employee Categories and Notes
  • Extended Records and Associated Custom Reports
  • Y-rating Assignments
  • Rolling Forward
  • Employee Tabs (show/hide)
  • Employee Search Favorites
  • Employee Report Favorites
  • Finding Active Setup Records
  • Mail Merges
  • Fixed Assets
  • SS Verification
  • Employee Follow Up and Alerts

You'll be singing a happy tune by the end of the session. If you want to learn from the HR experts, make sure you select this session when you register for your HR/Payroll day at Beyond Escape 2016!