Release Review for 17.01

For this release review, we held a naming (or renaming) contest, where attendees could vote on names that were submitted during registration to call the Release Review something else. And, the winner is … 

Well, some things never change. And, that is the case for the name of the Release Review. In fact, "Release Review" won with 61% of the vote.

Since no contest is fun without prizes, we put everyone’s name into a hat and Jennifer Escamilla pulled out a winner! Congratulations to Denice Cora, Administrator, School Business Advisory Services of Santa Barbara County Education Office! 

It feels so great to get to show new features to our Escape Family. The changes in v17.01 rocked my world and I know our users are going to love them and get so much out of them! The only hard part is having to choose which ones I like the best and write a blog about it. There are too many to choose from! I think our 142 connections during the live broadcast would agree. 

There was so much awesomeness to show in such a short amount of time. What to do? Use favorites! (You knew that would be the answer!) Thankfully, due to list favorites and report favorites, we finished right on time! Remember, you can save a lot of time by using favorites in all your daily tasks.

So, what was my favorite CR? It has to be CR 11448 – Stay on the same tab open when you open next/previous record on the list. Talk about time savers! I love how it works with the F7 and F8 keys too! My close second is CR 16062 – Deliver documentation and tutorials via web. I loved showing how to search through all our documentation using the new web-based documentation. These CR’s are going to save our Escape Family tons of time!

As always, the video recording and the questions and answers from the live broadcast will be posted on the Tuesday following the webinar, under Online Resources – Release Information.