Release Review for 17.03 Had Some Great Features

I love this time a year! The leaves start to turn, the weather gets cooler and our software keeps getting better and better. There was so much to love in v17.03 release that’s hard for me to pick just one thing, so I’ll pick a couple of my favorites.

I love the new Stamp CUSTOMER INPUT with a smiley face! The funny thing is at Escape, when our customers are happy, we’re happy. I love showing off how smart Escape Online 5 customers are! The CRs stamped with a smiley face were all submitted by customers attending the Beyond Escape User Conference or one of the Collaboration Days! The truth is that EVERY CR in this release is a customer request. Our customers are so smart!

The release notes now give credit where credit is due, to YOU our customer.

The release notes now give credit where credit is due, to YOU our customer.

This release was FULL of happy faces, like all the CRs for being able to open attachments from a list. Yes, in v17.03, if there’s an attachment you’ll be able to use a link to open that attachment and if there’s more than one attachment, the software will give you a dialog to select the one you’d like to open! So cool!!

My other favorite is the ability to add a picture of the employee to the Employee Management banner. Don’t forget to send your feedback to Escape Customer Care about how you plan to import the pictures of your employees. In the meantime, it’s easy to add them from the Attachment Tab using the PHOTOID category. 


I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’ll let you see for yourself by watching the recording in Escape Online – Online Resources – Release Information. While you’re there, check out the Q&A and the Top 10 recording!

I’m looking forward to see you all at the 2017 Beyond Escape User Conference on October 16th & 17th here in Sacramento! There’s only 15 seats left for the Finance day on October 16th. You don’t want to miss out!!

See you there!