Release Review v18.02 Follow-up

Last week's Release Review for v18.02 was well-attended - 120 Escape users connected to hear and see the fantastic new features in the release. I love SO many of the new enhancement’s in the v18.02 software release! Of course, everyone is going to love paying invoices by line item! How sweet is that?! The best part about CR 13302 is that you can pay by line item or you can continue to enter payments just like you’ve always done. I call it the best of both worlds!

I’m sure everyone is going to miss copying calendars every year, right? No you’re not! I was SUPER excited about CR 17454 – Mass copy Calendars! Yes, you heard me right! We’ve added a new field in the Calendars activity to allow them to be rolled forward. Then in the Fiscal Year Status record, there’s a NEW task to Roll Forward Calendars! Don’t forget that you’ll still need to review the calendars for any out of balance days before starting up the new year!


If you missed seeing all the exciting changes, check out the recording that’s found under Online Resources – Release Information!

PSSST! Don't forget that the Year End webinar for AP and Fiscal users is this Thursday, July 12th. If you haven't already, register now!