Report Release 17.04.02 Is Now Available

The latest report release is very exciting because we introduced changes to the reports that help customers with specific needs. With an eye toward developing the changes so that they will benefit all customers, we are proud to showcase how we work with customers to help them meet the demands of school business.

Approval Aging (ReqPay10)

We had a couple of requests for changes to the Approval Aging report, which provides information about currently required approvals for vendor requisitions in the submitted status, calculating the number of days as the difference between when the approval became required and TODAY.

First, Santa Barbara CEO users wanted to run the report for only those requisitions that they created, kind of like your own personal list of requisitions and where they are in the approval process. Second, Sacramento City USD wanted to run the report by fiscal year, especially at year-end, to see what requisitions are still outstanding and who needs to be contacted to get those requisitions approved and processed.


So, with the latest release, you can limit the report by fiscal year, department, requisitioner user ID, requisition accounts, and age of the approvals. In addition, you can use wildcards to select multiple approvers. Plus, now, you can select the sort options that you want.   

Payroll Vendor Detail (Pay25)

Just like the Approval Aging, we used customer feedback for an update to the Payroll Vendor Detail (Pay25), which shows detailed employee deduction/contribution information by vendor.


Solano COE uses this report to get totals on liabilities for the different contribution IDs. To facilitate this specific need and many others, we added dynamic sorting and page break parameters. Now, you can sort by fund, object and/or contribution/deduction ID, and you can then have a page break every time your first (or major) sort changes. 

Download the 17.04.02 Report Release Today

If you don't have the latest reports, contact your system manager to install these beneficial updates.

Thanks to Santa Barbara CEO, Sacramento City USD, and Solano COE for these great ideas. We are certain that all customers will find these changes useful, along with the updates to the Employee Deductions (Pay12) and PERS Qualifying (Retire09) found in Report Release 17.04.02.