Report Release 18.02.01 Is Now Available

The 18.02.01 Report Release includes some significant updates that you are going to want to get installed.

Verifying Vendor/Employee Classifications

While the Vendor 1099 Log (ReqPay07) report may seem passe this time of year, it is still quite relevant. Lots of customers use it throughout the year to verify the classification of vendors that may also be employees. We polled our customers and found that many of them do this in different ways.


So, we expanded the Employees parameter to allow you to filter by vendors with a matching employee SSN in the same organization OR across the system. Then, we added the ability to define how those vendors/employees are marked on the report. The new Employee Is parameter allows you to select which employees will be marked with the ampersand (&) on the report: those with a matching SSN in the same organization or across the system. 

Now Ventura COE and Sonoma COE can both run the report how they like it! Thanks to everyone who participated in our quick survey.

Managing Leaves

We made quite a few changes to leaves reports. The Leave Batch Snapshot (Leave06) now has an ID Format parameter so you can show/hide the last four of the SSN, giving you a secure option for reports that need to be distributed. 

The Leave Liability by Account (Leave04) and Leave Liability by Employee (Leave14) reports will include the SDI Paid in the liability account amount if the SDI Employer Paid flag in the Bargaining Unit is set to YES.

Finally, we added an export option to the Leave Liability by Employee (Leave14) report.

Faster Retirement

We optimized the STRS Qualifying Report for Substitute Employees (Retire01) report and our testing showed the report running 98% faster!