Report Release 19.02.01 Is Now Available

The 19.02.01 Report Release is now available. HR/Payroll users will want to get their hands on the updated reports with capped leave balances and the new paper-saving Payroll Detail by Employee (PayDtl14) report, while Finance users will be thrilled with the updates to the MAA Salary (Fiscal54) report. For the complete release notes, please go to Online Resources - Release Information - Report Releases.

NEW! Pay Detail by Employee

Payroll users love the Pay Audit (Pay14) report for verifying pay, but sometimes the report is just too darn long. Users want to print the report, but they don’t want all of that paper, showing contributions, deductions and bank information when they are only verifying earnings.

We didn’t want to change the Pay Audit because it is such a fantastic tool, with customers sending it directly to the Report Warehouse, so we made a “copy” of it and gave users the ability to show/hide sections of the report. Amazing! You can show /hide position accounts, earnings, contribs/deducts and/or bank/ACH information.


Capped Leave Balances

We have updated all of the leave reports to show capped leave balances.

  • Leave Transactions (Leave01)

  • Leave Balance (Leave03)

  • Leave Batch Snapshot (Leave06)

  • Leave Balance Summary (Leave07)

  • Leave Balance Summary for Granted (Leave09)

  • Leave Transactions Without Running Balance (Leave11)

  • Leave Detail Snapshot (LeaveStatus99a) 

(If you missed the new capped leave balances feature rolled out in 19.01, check out the Release 19.01 blog.)

SACS Rollup Reporting for MAA

The Medical Administrative Activities (MAA) – Salary (Fiscal54) report gathers account information for reporting costs for administering the Medi-Cal program to CMAA. This is a great tool that saves a ton of time, but some customers wanted the account information to use SACS Rollup values as opposed to the Object codes defined by the district. Well, now that option is available with the new SACS parameter.