Revised Budget Webinar Follow-up

I love sharing tips on Interim budgeting. The webinar was full of ways to ease the Interim Budgeting season! Who doesn’t love that? I know, I sure do.


During the Revised Budget Webinar, we walked through creating a revised budget model for the 2019 fiscal year, as well as a multi-year budget model (3 years) with different scenarios. The webinar was a full of tips and suggestions for helping you with the Interim reporting.

Amanda Erwin, Escape Technology Software Support Analyst, did an amazing job answering all of our budget questions during the live broadcast. 

We tried something new this time… We added homework to help you retain what you learned. Don’t feel left out! You can watch the video under Online Resources and still do the follow-up homework.

Homework from the 2018 Revised Budget Webinar:

  • Update Escape Online 5 with current SACS Validation Tables.

  • Read the Friday Feature, which will be all about reviewing Benefits in a budget line item. Check it out!

  • Sign up for the v18.03 Release Review to see the new Budget Entry searching changes.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the 2018 Beyond Escape User Conference in October. Let me know how you like the new webinar format and follow-up homework.

See you there!