Roseville CSI: Difference Between Approval Override and Submit with Insufficient Funds

Escape Online has two advanced tasks for submitting requisitions, budget transfers and journal entries: Submit with Insufficient Funds and Approval Override. These two tasks have similarities but important differences. Very often, at the beginning of an implementation, we get questions about what these tasks do and who should get them.

  • Submit with Insufficient Funds - Changes the status of a document to Submitted. This bypasses the budget check, which is a setting that requires the expense or “decrease” account to have sufficient funds for covering the cost. This task will not override approvals.

  • Approval Override - Changes the status of the document to Approved. This overrides all required district-level approvals. It also bypasses the budget check. The Approval Override task will not override COE-level approvals.

In simple terms, the Approval Override forces the document to be "approved" without going through approvals, but the Submit with Insufficient Funds only overrides the budget check, which means that the document will still need to go through approvals.

So, who should get the tasks? That depends on your standards and procedures. For example, if you have certain transactions — such as copier charges — where the cost is nominal but touches many accounts, which task would you want to give to the user? You would want to ask yourself several questions.

  • Does the user have specific account permissions? You want to take a close look at their account permissions defined in their user record or the account limitations defined in the requisition setup in the department. You want to ensure that the user can only override approvals or bypass budget checks for the copier charge accounts.

  • Does the user need the ability to bypass the budget check? If you only want the user to have the ability to force the requisition into the approval process, the task to give is the Submit with Insufficient Funds. This is the lesser of the two tasks.

  • Does the user need the ability to bypass approvals? If the user needs to bypass the budget check AND bypass approvals, then the task to give is the Approval Override. This is the more powerful of the two tasks.

Obviously, these are very powerful tasks. Not every user gets them! The system manager has to give specific permission for the tasks. In Escape Online, we use roles to define the “level” of the user. (The SysMgr role is the highest level. The Admin role is the lowest level.)

Each document has its own tasks and role level requirements. That means that a system manager can give approval overrides for department requisitions, but not vendor. The following is a table of how each document’s tasks can be granted individually.


Task permissions are granted in the User record on the Activity Permissions tab.


This is an example of a user with a Fiscal role and task permissions for overriding approvals for stores and department requisitions, which includes bypassing the budget check. For vendor requisitions, the user can only submit with insufficient funds. She cannot override approvals.