School Business Finance Rocks

The first day of Beyond Escape 2016 was dedicated to finance. Over 180 attendees came from across the state, from Calaveras COE (currently implementing) to Placer COE (implemented almost 10 years ago) to Del Norte COE (on our XCOE system for smaller COEs) to Santa Barbara CEO (one of our largest implementations). 

Attendees also came from all walks of school business, from CBO to Admin Secretary II to Director of Fiscal Services to Accounting Technician to CFO to Purchasing Supervisor. The variety of backgrounds and locations created the perfect mix for learning and sharing.

Here are a handful of the positive responses we received from the sessions.

“Excellent! Made me want to get back to work and look up some of the screens, etc on my computer. Thank you!”
“Speakers spoke slowly and I could completely follow along. Great tips and tricks – power points showed each step, easy to follow. Will definitely take back to school and use. They explained clearly why these tricks will help me in my real job.”
“The topics were exactly what I was looking for, and this enables me to present them to my users to see if they want to use these functions.”
“Love the video to show example of creating template reqs."
“Report favorites is what I wanted to learn more about. Thank you so much for this information. I am going to start using this feature from now on.”

Stay tuned for our Beyond Escape Review pages.