School Business HR/Payroll Rocks

The second day of Beyond Escape 2016 was dedicated to HR/Payroll. Over 200 attendees came to learn about payroll setup, benefits, ACA, leave processing and more!

Everyone was represented, from HR Specialist to HR Director, from Payroll Technician to Director of HR/LCAP, from Employee Compensation and Benefits Supervisor IV to Position Control Analyst, from IT Support Specialist to District Secretary.

Here are a handful of the positive responses we received from the sessions.

“We’re new to Escape, but I am very impressed with all it has to offer, and the ease of Benefit Management.”
“These presenters did a great job of telling you where in Escape the set-up is done, and how it connects to other areas in Escape.”
“Very impressive. Escape is a lot better at handling ACA Reporting than the other platform I used.”
“Good attention to details; would be possible to go back to office and follow through on these activities.”

Stay tuned for our Beyond Escape Review pages.