Solano COE is in the House

Our customers are always coming up with NEW training ideas and my friends from Solano County Office of Education came up with this idea and I have to share it! Once we booked their site visit, they sent me a list of random questions from Budgeting to Year End to Payroll reports to Stores. They had sent out a poll to their district users and asked for training topics that they would be willing to drive to Roseville to get answered. The list was long but really awesome!

The users came and Escape delivered! It was a packed house with Escapees on hand to answer all the questions and because we thought this was such an awesome idea, we bought lunch! 


What a great idea, schedule a training at Escape corporate office! It's less expensive and it gets the users out of the office with fewer distractions and they get all their questions answered. I loved how excited the districts were for this opportunity given to them by their County Office and how they left Roseville feeling enlightened.

If your organization might be interested in this type of impromptu training, send me an email and let’s see what we can come up with together.