Sonoma COE Celebrates 10 Years with Escape

Ten years ago, Sonoma COE became the fourth COE to join the Escape Family. What began as a partnership has turned into a friendship. We are on a first-name basis with so many Sonoma employees - we're talking about you - Dan, Erin, Marie, Tina, Tracy and so many others - always stopping by our CASBO booth or the Escape Headquarters.


One of the things we love about Sonoma COE is their dedication to continuing education. They send new users to Escape Headquarters for one-on-one training. And, for their long-term users, they invite us (five years after their implementation!) to their headquarters for trainings.  They are proactive in webinars and participate in Collaboration Days and attend the User Conference.

Another admirable trait is that they keep implementing new features, building a better system. Their input was instrumental to our effort to adhere to the Healthy Families Act and the Affordable Care Act. They are heavy users of HRAs (personnel/payroll workflows) and the Employee Online Portal. 

Finally, they are resourceful, submitting great ideas, like showing the vendor address name on the 1099 List so that users can see the DBA name.

Thank you for being a partner, Sonoma COE. Happy anniversary!