Spring 2018 Collaboration Day Follow-up

We had almost 40 attendees from both COEs and districts on May 4th at Escape headquarters in Roseville. The participants spent the morning discussing payroll corrections and best practices to minimize errors. 

One of the morning discussions was centered around PERS and STRS test file submissions, which ensures an almost error-free final file submission. Below are some recommendations that were provided by San Joaquin COE (Janell Morris):


  • San Joaquin COE requires online districts to have a clean (error-free) STRS partial report prior to submitting each payroll (end of month and 10th of month). Districts generate a STRS Test File and submit it through the STRS Secure Employer Website (SEW). If there are any errors on the STRS SEW report, the districts make the correction/change in Escape Online. The process of generating a STRS test file, submitting through SEW is repeated until the STRS SEW report is error-free. 
  • The COE retirement staff reviews the Partial Monthly Reports that have been submitted in SEW by districts. On the day that the payroll is submitted by the districts, the COE retirement staff also submits a Partial Monthly Report through SEW for each district to make sure they are error free.


  • San Joaquin COE retirement staff generates a PERS test file for all Escape districts and uploads the file through the MyCalPERS website (Reporting – Upload File) 15 days prior to the earned period end date. PERS limits employers from uploading a file sooner (for example, if you are reporting for the May 1 – 31 earned period, you cannot upload an earned period report, test or real, until the 17th of May). When the file has finished processing, errors are exported into Excel and sent to the districts. This process can also be repeated as necessary.

The afternoon was packed with HR/Pay and Finance Design sessions and we wrapped up the day with a sneak peek of the new design of Online Timesheets.

Pictured Above: A fun moment before the lunch break.

Pictured Above: A fun moment before the lunch break.

We are already planning the Summer 2018 Collaboration Day, to be held on August 10th. We will be sending out information as the date approaches. 

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