St. Patrick's Day Escape

On March 17, Escapees showed up ready for some St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans. No leprechauns made an appearance, but there was plenty of green and lots of laughter. Before we talk about what went on at Escape HQ, let’s review some facts about St. Patrick and his day.

  • St. Patrick was not Irish. Nor British.
  • St. Patrick did not banish snakes from the Emerald Isle.
  • Green has not historically been associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Knights in the Order of St. Patrick actually wore St. Patrick’s blue. 
  • Until the 1700s, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was a somber occasion spent quietly praying. Irish immigrants in the United States began organizing events on March 17 as a show of pride and those evolved into current day celebrations.
  • Corned beef is not a classic St. Patrick’s Day dish in Ireland.

Who knew, right? Well, I mean, besides the Irish. And those who have studied Irish history. Okay, maybe I was the only one who didn’t know.

Now that I’ve provided a little bit of education (we are in the business of education after all), let’s talk about our fun in-office activities. Throughout the day, we held a few contests: trivia, limericks, and green beverages. 

The most humorous event of the day had to be the Make Me a Leprechaun game. Participants paired off with one person as a thrower and one person as a leprechaun-to-be. The throwers made shaving cream beards on their partners. Next, the throwers threw puffy cheese treats at the leprechauns to turn beards as orange as possible. This was a little messy but there were smiles all around.

Share your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the comments! We love to hear about our readers.