Summer 2017 Collaboration Day

We had over 20 attendees from various districts and COE’s come together on June 6 at Escape Headquarters to share their ideas and best practices for fiscal year end.

We had great discussions around year end steps, HFA reporting and multiyear budgeting. We even had an icebreaker exercise to help participants get to know each other and network. We had so many power users in the house, we took the opportunity to tap into their expertise, getting their feedback on some upcoming changes to features and reports.   

I enjoyed attending this collaboration day. It is my pleasure to meet the great minds behind Escape and all the amazing end users who shared their expertise. For that, thank you for making it a great collaboration day. I certainly left Roseville yesterday armed with some new knowledge that I can actually apply here at CUSD. Kindly please extend my gratitude to the rest of the Escape team for such great discussions and brainstorming.
~ Dorothy Reconose, Director of Fiscal Services, Cupertino Union School District

I’d like to thank customers who attended for their enthusiasm, invaluable feedback, and for all of the positive interactions!

  • Alameda COE
  • Redding USD
  • San Joaquin COE
  • Sacramento City USD
  • Santa Barbara CEO
  • Solano COE
  • Sonoma COE
  • Tehama CDE
  • Cupertino USD

We are already planning Winter 2017 Collaboration Day. (We will be skipping the fall Collaboration Day so we can focus on the Beyond Escape User Conference in October.) Stay tuned!