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Report Release 16.02.03 Is Now Available

The latest report release, 16.02.03, includes some excellent enhancements to the Payroll Adjustments by Employee (Pay13) report. Based on customer requests, you can filter the report by batch ID (i.e., leave batches, additional pay batches, retro pay batches), selected addons, addon groups or HR authorizations.

New fields for filtering payroll adjustments, released in 16.02.03.

New fields for filtering payroll adjustments, released in 16.02.03.

Listening to customers is part of the reason why Escape Online has such a large and dedicated user base. With a simple email, users can request changes. Here are the following requests that resulted in the update to the Payroll Adjustments by Employee report.

We (and our districts) use the Pay13 for various checks and balances, especially due to the fact that it gives us units, retirement line, account code and other specific criteria all on one report. If it had the capability to be narrowed by a specific addon code, it would be even more powerful for auditing.
~ Payroll Specialist
[Adding the ability to filter the report by batch ID would] allow for verification between what was entered in the batch in the Additional Pay activity and what was posted from the batch to the employee in the Adjust Payroll activity. 
~ Division Director of Payroll Services

Great ideas! Great efficiencies! We are so glad to help our customers become more productive. For more information about report releases, see the Report Release Information activity in Online Resources.  

Friday Feature - Accounts in Additional Pay

Late last year, I wrote a Friday Feature about how easy it is to enter accounts in the Detail window in Adjust Pay. Of course, I still believe this is a great way to enter accounts, especially for addons.  But the Additional Pay activity now has an account field too, bringing the full data entry of addons closer to the users that process overtime hours and time cards for substitutes: site users!  Check it out.

Additional Pay Accounts
Additional Pay Accounts

As you can see, the Additional Pay activity is a direct edit listthat allows users to quickly enter non-positional pay.

In fact, many of our customers are using the Additional Pay activity to allow site users to manually enter and import addon amounts. This is a great efficiency!

Users can enter an account or leave it blank to default to the account in the employee's payroll setup. To keep users from making mistakes in account data entry, Escape Online checks the user's account permissions and the Payroll Account Object Code Filter in the Organization record to ensure that users enter only what should be entered.

The site user submits their additional pay batch, which then goes through a workflow approval process, for review by payroll staff.

Fabulous! It is always best to let the user closest to the data enter the data. With the account field in the Additional Pay activity, site users have the ability to enter complete addon information, letting payroll users focus on the more complex payroll task.

Friday Feature - Practically Perfect Pay Imports

As a productivity hound, I never retype a single character unless I absolutely must. So, if there is information in some third-party system that needs to be in Escape too, heck if I am going to sit there and type away. I am going to import!!! That is why I think the Additional Pay import feature is practically perfect in every way. Seriously, this feature IS perfect for those situations where you have a lot of information that needs to be input for a pay day. For example, I need to enter thousands of adjustments for adjunct faculty that is already entered in a scheduling system. Or, I need to enter hundreds of units for teachers whose time is stored in a substitute calling system. Or, I need to add hours for dozens upon dozens of teachers who went to a training and are listed in a spreadsheet.

Granted, you need to have the information exported from the “other” software in a specific format, but it is just a comma delimited text file. That should be fairly easy. Of course, the employee pay information has to be for existing employees with primary pay cycles, but you would have had to have them set up anyway to pay them.

Using the first line as an example, this file has the employee Id (7048), addon Id (OT1.5), units (12.5), and rate 1 amount (17.71).

These figures are easily entered and monitored in Excel or exported from a substitute or scheduling system. The file layout is documented in the How To for the activity.

This is fabulous because the only data you really have to have in the file is the employee Id (or SSN), addon, and rate 1 amount. You can also import the units, rate 2 amount, account number and effective date, or let Escape Online default the rest of the information from the employee’s pay cycle or addon setup. Even the job category/class defaults from the addon. It is that easy.

When you select the Import task, the pay entries are imported into the batch. You can enter additional information, like units, or you can just post the batch!

NOTE: It is true that the import feature is practically perfect, but we have a couple of changes in the coming months that should make this feature actually perfect, including making it faster, improving error handling, and adding fields to the import file.