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Get Your Budget Training Like Alameda COE did!

Last month I was lucky enough to spend two days at Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) for original Budget Training. It was a completely packed house! If you read my blog posts, you know that I think the best thing about my job is visiting customers, and so I was very happy to see old friends and make new ones.


The users at ACOE are growing in their knowledge every year. They brought AWESOME questions and I love that! By the end of the day, every attendee was ready to start the 2020 Original budget process.

A shout out to Doug D’Amour and his team for asking all of the ACOE districts to attend the budget training! Doug, have you set a date yet for next year?!


Friday Feature - Budget in 4 Steps

Yesterday, Terri hosted her annual Original Budget webinar and it was fantastic as always. She is so funny and makes it fresh every year. This year, she created this new 4 Step Budget graphic that I just love, so I thought that I would share.


Pretty cool, huh? So, let's translate that into the software. (It's a Friday Feature after all!) In the Budget Management activity (where you create your budget), you would select to Perform Change from the Task menu and specify the type as defined in Terri's graphic. Here is the Perform Change - Type lookup. 


Let's get our budgets started!

Register Now for the Revised Budget and Interim Reporting Webinar

The Revised Budget and Interim Reporting webinar is a must-see brand new webinar for Fiscal and Budget users. If you haven't registered for the webinar on September 7, you will want to do that NOW.

This webinar will describe the step-by-step processes for creating, editing and posting your revised budget model, just in time for First Interim reporting. We will review Budget Management, Budget Entry and budget reports to help make your interim reporting a breeze! This webinar is must see for all fiscal reporting users.

Don't delay. REGISTER NOW!

Who Makes Budget Fun?

Escape Technology does! I had such a good time during the 2018 Original Budget Webinar. I know our 110 users got a lot of good information, like tips and tricks for budgeting. They also took full advantage of Arin Simonyan, Escape Software Support Lead and our Budget SME. Thank you Arin for answering every question that came through the chat box! 

I’m not the only one with helpful tips. Check this one out from Kim Nakamura, Senior Account from Montecito Union School District in Santa Barbara County Education Office.

This webinar provided me time to take screen shots during the presentation, as Terri was live-driving through the Escape Online windows.  
I think Terri does an awesome job of presenting the material in a clear and organized manner. It makes my job just that much easier to be able to watch a webinar for a refresher, rather than trying to recall what I did previously by reading the guide. Thank you for providing the live webinars!

Thank you Kim for your encouraging words. Many of our viewers wrote in about how much they LOVE the NEW Revenue or Expense Graph (Fiscal80) report and wanted a screenshot of my report criteria. Your wish is my command.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. So true! Once you click the go button, here’s what you’ll see.

I love hearing ideas from our customers. Some of you asked if I would do a video blog on how to create a non-positional budget model. What a great idea! That is on my to-do list, so keep your eyes open for a new video blog from me. 

There’s so much good stuff happening and I wouldn’t want any of you to miss out. The recording of the 2018 Original Budget Webinar and the Q&A is now available under Online Resources – Webinar Information in Escape Online. Be sure to check it out for lots of great suggestions and fantastic tips that will make your budgeting season a successful one! 

See you at the Release Review for version 17.01 on March 30th. REGISTER TODAY! We will begin with HR/Payroll changes at 9:00am and then turn our focus to Finance changes at 11:00 am.