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Friday Feature - Customizing Emails Using Keywords

Escape Online sends emails automatically for purchase orders, online shopping, vendor ACH, employee ACH, you get the idea. Now, you wouldn’t want the same email for all of those situations. Of course, not. You would want different emails, with different tones, with different information. That’s why Escape Online supports keywords for email customization.

Let’s take a look at a LIVE example (except for the name of the school) to see how keywords can customize an email.

An example of keyword usage for an email sent by Escape Online for purchase orders.

An example of keyword usage for an email sent by Escape Online for purchase orders.

As you can see from the first highlighted field, this email would be sent to a vendor concerning a purchase order.

The Email PO Subject field uses keywords and text to create a custom subject for the email. Let’s say that the name (or description) of the organization is Rome Joint Union High School District. If I created a purchase order today, the subject would be something like this:

Rome Joint Union High School District, Purchase Order PO12345, Dated 03/08/2019

The keywords allow the subject to reflect the information from the purchase order. Amazing! Let’s see how that works with the body, pretending that Celeste Michaels is the contact for the department (based on Department record setup).


Please see the attached Purchase Order PO12345, Dated 03/08/2019 issued by the Rome Joint Union High School District and any related informational attachments.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Celeste Michaels at or 916-773-6363.

Thank you


Very cool! We have over 80 keywords — everything from PIN # to Check Amount to Bargaining Unit to Buyer Name — so you can create the perfect custom email.

And, one last word about that Email PO Profile Name field. This is where you can enter a nice phrase that will appear as the FROM. For example, instead of receiving an email from cmichaels, you would receive an email from Rome JUHSD ( Nice!

Friday Features - Email Addresses

An email address may seem like the most simple thing in the world, yet it is one of the most important methods for communicating with employees and vendors. That’s why Escape Online performs basic validation on email address.

Way back in 2008, a study of over 50,000 email addresses found that the mean length was 23 characters, with only 3 out of the 50,496 addresses being greater than 47 characters. Fast forward to 2015, where a study of 90 million email addresses found the average was 21.9 characters, with 80% shorter than 28 characters and 95% shorter than 31 characters. Fast forward again to today and you will find that email addresses are growing in length. We now have customers with requirements that far exceed those quaint times. My how things change!

To keep up with the times, we expanded the length of employee and vendor email addresses, up to 75 characters. Let’s take a look.


There are two things I want you to notice about this screen capture.

  • The first email address is missing the dot com part of the address. That’s why you see the validation error.

  • The length of the correct email address looks enormous! Actually, it is only 57 characters, which means there is plenty of room for it to grow!

Thank you Ventura COE for working with us to come up with this new accommodating length!

Friday Feature - Schedule and Email Reports (Video)

This Friday Feature is a two-for. You get to learn about two features in one article as we continue on the tour of Terri's and my Top 1 videos. This week watch the video about the new options for scheduling reports. Aw, come on – it’s less than 2 minutes!

So many reports can be more useful as exports, like the Fiscal02 – Account Summary by Object - Balance (one of our most popular reports). The new Report Format option in the Report Favorites dialog box allows you to select Excel Data as the output. That means that you can schedule report extracts, and they will show up in your My Reports list every month (or whatever), automatically launching Microsoft Excel when you click on the report. Amazing!

Another feature described in the video is the Attach Report to Email Notification option. You can actually have a report (in Excel format) show up in your inbox the first Monday of every month. Fabulous! (Obviously, this has setup associated with it: turning on the feature and ensuring emails are defined in the User record.)

Stay tuned for next week's video about searching for blanks and exceptions in Employee Management. 

Friday Feature - Email Profile Names

Recently, we had a discussion about how different departments within an organization and different organizations within a COE wanted to have their emails look more personalized. The way to do that is through the Profile Name. (Admittedly, last year, I wrote a series of blogs about org/dept and vendor setup for emailing purchase orders, but I kind of breezed over the Profile Name feature. So, let's fix that right now!)

What the Profile Name does is define the FROM name. This is not the actual email address, just the name that you see in the email. See how my Escape email is setup? My email address is, but my FROM name is Leslie Bailey. So, if you receive an email from me (lucky you!), the email says that it is from Leslie Bailey, not 

The Email PO Profile Name field in the Organization record allows you to do the same kind of thing for your emails that are generated by Escape Online. You can enter that FROM name, up to 60 characters. So, in this example, the FROM will be Rome USD.

Even better, the profile name can be overridden at the department level. So, if you have many departments sending out purchase orders by email, they can define their own FROM name.

In this case, if you are a vendor receiving an email from this department, the FROM name will be displayed as RUSD Child Dev.

This is a nice way to organize your emails and communicate with your vendors the exact origin of the email.