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Are You a New User?

If you are a new user, we have the webinar for you. This Thursday, I'll walk you through the basics of Escape Online. The webinar is aimed at ALL USERS. Check out the agenda:

  • Understanding concepts and standards, including shortcuts, terminology, navigation, tips and tricks
  • Searching, including saving favorites
  • Managing lists and saving data grids
  • Using data-entry efficiency tools, including quick starts, mnemonics and quick keys
  • Reviewing reports, including emailing, distributing and saving favorites
  • Setting up personalized notifications


Friday Feature - Escape Key for Viewing SSNs

Over the last few weeks, we have discussed how Escape Online masks SSNs and defines permissions for viewing/editing SSNs. Now, let's take a look at how users with the proper SSN permission see this magic in action!


So here is the task menu that we discussed. This is from the Employee Management activity, but you can imagine how it also applies to Vendors, Retirees and Credential Holders. As you can see, users with the appropriate permissions can view the SSN and change the SSN. 

The magic is that little Ctrl+I next to the View SSN task.

This is what we call an Escape Key, a keystroke combination that allows you to perform a function, or in this case, a task. So, if you press Ctrl+I, you will see the employee's SSN in a dialog box without masking.


Stay tuned for next week's final Friday Feature SSN installment about the rules for entering and changing social security numbers.

2014 New User Webinar Follow up

Do you have training setup for new Escape Online 5 users? Or want to get a refresher course?

Well here’s a thought: let them watch the New User webinar recording. They’ll learn all about Escape Online 5 search, lists and forms and they’ll learn how to navigate through the software with ease. My favorite part was showing favorites, both list favorites and report favorites and then using the list favorite with a quick start.

We had almost 70 connections to this webinar and lots of feedback from users that plan to watch it again and again. A big thank you to John Garcia, pictured right, for answering all your chat box questions!

Here’s a comment from a user at Modoc County Office of Education that attended the live broadcast, “I have been using Escape for a little over a year now, but this Webinar really helped to increase my knowledge of the full capabilities. I would not change anything because it catered to all levels of users. Every time I watch a Webinar I learn something new that I can do with Escape to make my job easier and access information faster for my Supervisors.”

The recording and the Questions and Answers will be available on Tuesday in Escape Online 5 – Online Resources – Webinar Information.

Don't forget to register today for the Interim & MYP Budget webinar on October 9th.

See you then!