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Various Flavors of HRAs

As more users get to experience the functionality of HRAs (Human Resource Authorizations), we’re getting lots of questions about the different types of HRAs available in Escape Online. First, what is an HRA? Well, virtually any HR/Payroll task you can perform manually can be automated, using HRA workflows that include electronic approvals and notifications. There are three different types of HRAs, and below is a brief description of each.

standard hra.png

Standard HRAs

Standard HRAs are part of the Employee Online Portal package and are updated through the general release of Escape Online. For example, a very popular standard HRA is the Tax Change HRA. For more information about the Employee Online Portal, please contact our Portal Support Team.

Base HRAs

Base HRAs are developed by the HRA team to fit into many customer’s existing processes without the need for customization.  You pay a flat fee for each Base HRA item that you want.  To give you an idea of what HRAs might be used for, below is a partial list of Base HRAs:


  • Accounts
  • FTE
  • Detail
  • New
  • Change
  • Temporary
  • End
  • Extended Session
  • Data Sheet


  • Recruit
  • New
  • Change
  • End
  • Leaves
  • Additional Earnings
  • Demographic Changes
  • Extra Work & School Business
  • Requests
  • Timesheet


  • Recruit
  • New
  • Change
  • End
  • Vacancy

If you are interested in implementing Base HRAs, please contact our HRA Custom Support Team for pricing and availability.

Custom HRAs

Custom HRAs are customized to your specific needs and processes.  You can use a Base HRA as a starting point and change the form or underlying logic to fit your needs, or, if you need an HRA that doesn’t currently exist, we can work with you to create a brand new HRA. If you are interested in implementing custom HRAs, please contact our HRA Custom Support Team for pricing and availability.

New Employee Pay Setup HRA Package

At our user conference, our customers requested a beefed up HRA process for adding a new employee, one that would include pay setup HRA items. In response to those requests, we’ve been working hard on developing a complete package of items used when adding a new employee.

The new employee HRA package is now available and adds support for a whole variety of pay setup items. Everything from paycycle, addon, retirement and tax setup to contribution/deduction, benefit provider, and education setup, just to name a few.

If you are interested in exploring these new items, please get in touch! Send us an email at

Pay Cycle Item.png

HRA Webinar Follow Up

‘Spring is in the air’ and kudos to all of our customers that figured out that that was our theme for the HR Authorization Webinar. And what a great turnout! We had over 133 watching the live broadcast.

Customers love how powerful and customizable the Base HRAs are. I loved showing the flexibility of the HRAs in Escape Online 5 and how seamlessly they work with the new Employee Online Portal! And isn’t it great to have access to the Employee Online Portal 24/7…anytime, anywhere? I used the example of being on vacation and being able to make changes to your payroll tax withholding, but in retrospect, I should have used the example of being at a conference instead of a vacation. No one wants to work on vacation, right!

My favorite part was providing all of our users with the next step after watching the webinar, which is to let your County Office know that you’re interested in getting more information on HRAs and they will contact the HRA/Custom Product Area Team at Escape and put you on the schedule! It’s just that easy!

We received a lot of positive feedback about Brian Stokes, Software Support Analyst and chat box extraordinaire, showing how to enter and approve an HRA. So, without further ado sit back and enjoy the video he created.

If you’d like to watch the recording of the webinar and view the Q&A, go to Escape Online 5 – Online Resources – Webinar Information to see that and all of the handouts.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again on May 11th for the Payroll Data Entry Tools and Tricks. Click here to register early.