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Friday Feature - Importing Substitutes and Absences Through Leave Transactions

Friday Feature LogoYou may remember that way back in October of 2012, I wrote a blog about Automating Substitute Pay. (You have a good memory!) Well, there have been some major updates to that process that I think require a second look. What we talked about in the Automating Substitute Pay blog was manually entering substitute information into a leave transaction or a leave transaction import. Last year, in releases 13.01 and 13.03, we added support for files exported from SubFinder and Aesop, streamlining the creation of leave transactions and addon adjustments for substitutes.

While there is some advanced setup required,* once you are ready to go, the process is effortless.  Check it out.

Leave Transaction Subfinder ImportAll you have to do is select the file from your desktop or network and then specify what type of file it is (Aesop, Standard or SubFinder).

When you Save/Close the batch, Escape Online imports the transactions and validates for errors, displaying an Errors tab with an error message for each line with an error.

Of course, your file will be error free so you can go directly to the Adjust Payroll activity, where Escape Online has created the payroll adjustments for the substitute.

But that's not all!

Escape Online also adds the substitute information to the employee’s Leave tab of their Employment record.


The SubFinder and Aesop enhancements certainly make the Leave Transaction import worth a second look!

* If you are interested in importing leave transactions from your SubFinder or Aesop system, you will need to manually create a matrix converting the SubFinder/Aesop codes to Escape Online Leave Type codes. Please contact Escape Customer Care for this one-time setup.

Friday Feature - Direct Payment Import

Sometimes you just want to pay the bill. Escape Online supports this through direct payments. With direct payments, you don't have to create an invoice.  You can just pay the bill. Then, sometimes the bill comes as an online invoice with a bunch of line items that screams for an import. Escape Online supports this too! The Direct Payment Import is a very handy tool for quickly importing multiple payments. For example, we have one customer that needs to pay child care providers and they use direct payments.  Another uses it to pay vendors contracted by sites through their ASB accounts.

Check it out!

Here are the items from a CSV file.

Once I receive the file from a vendor (or enter the data in Excel myself), all I have to do is select the import file, specify whether my file has account numbers or alias and save/close.

Really, that is it.  Escape Online automatically verifies the import items.

Now, I can quickly review (and fix if need be) the items and with a single click of the button import those payments.

Escape Online is going to treat these like any other payment, so they are included in AP reports, 1099 processing, you name it.

Now that is some awesome efficiency!

Leave Transaction SubFinder Import

subfinderWe are nearing the end of the 13.01 testing cycle, so I thought I would take a minute to share one of the new features with you!  In 12.02, we introduced the ability to specify a substitute when entering or importing leave transactions.  In 13.01, we have enhanced that one step further.  Customers that use SubFinder to track their leave transactions can now easily import those transactions into Escape Online from an export file produced by the SubFinder system.  We added a new import file type which supports the SubFinder II export file layout, as well as a new table where the SubFinder absence codes are mapped to the Escape Online leave types.  For more information, be sure to tune in to the 13.01 Release Review!!

Friday Feature - Import PDF to Report Warehouse

Some reports are so important, you need to keep them for a long time, like payroll reports.  These types of reports need to be saved for more time than My Reports allows.  They need to be kept in a warehouse.  What a coincidence!  It just so happens that Escape Online has a Report Warehouse in the HR/Payroll module. Lots of reports automatically go to the Report Warehouse already, like Payroll Summary (Pay01), Payroll Errors (Pay22), Labor Distribution Summary (Pay09) and a host of others.  But, what if there are reports you run that are outside of the normal payroll process that you would like to store in the warehouse?

Escape Online has the capability to let you do just that.  Son of a gun, another coincidence!  From the search form of the Report Warehouse activity all you have to do is click New.

Importing a file into the Report Warehouse

To add the report, browse to the report on your hard drive or network, add a comment and save.  That’s it.  The report is now a part of your warehouse for safekeeping.